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Episode Eight : They’re climbin in yo’ guild banks, they’re snatchin yo’ purples up!

It is our last show of the year, and we recap some of the biggest stories of 2010. We have to be careful though not to let Real ID dominate the talk of Warcraft YET AGAIN. Our special guest Tiarra aka MarronMarvel certainly has an opinion on what we can learn from this, as well as other events of the year.

BUT FIRST, we talk about our weeks in Azeroth which include raiding, leveling, putting out fires, booting guild members, hating on PUG tanks and so much more. Try not to get too offended, PUG tanks that listen to our little program.

Xtofer tackles the news which includes some upcoming class changes. This gives us a great opportunity to make fun of Wild Mushroom. LOL what a silly spell.

All this and MORE including e-mails about Tol Barad, tweets about Pride Parades, and much more, so tune in already!

Episode 8 taped December 30th, 2010

Hellos / How are ya’s
Welcome Tiarra AKA MarronMarvel
What race/classes do you play / She’s Aussie-ome
Why do you play WoW?
How was your week in Azeroth?
Raiding in Throne of the Four Winds
Putting out fires in Astranaar
Jerk PUG Tanks / Feedback Systems
Guild Intruder
Xtofer with the news
Upcoming Class Changes
Wild Mushroom
“More Attractive” Stats
Drain Mana
Heroics are just fine on difficulty
WoW being played using the Xbox 360’s Kinect
A look back at some of the biggest stories of 2010.. what did we learn from:
Icecrown Citadel (unlocked slowly thru the year)
Random Battleground (patch 3.3.3 in March)
Ruby Sanctum (patch 3.3.5 in June)
RealID (july)
Cataclysm roll-up events (Taking of Gnomer/Echo Isles) and finally the Cataclysm launch event
TOPIC OF THE WEEK – What is your new years Warcraft resolution?
E-Mail Bag / Last weeks Topic
HAPPY NEW YEAR – Don’t drink and drive but DO drink and trade chat

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Episode Seven : Fix Mah’ Damn Internet!

It is the season of Winter Veil in the land of Azeroth, but has anyone noticed or have they been too busy QUESTING AND RAIDING? We check in with our hosts and special guest Gus to see what they have been doing with their week.

Our special guest Gus comes from the same guild that Xtofer is in over on Winterhoof. They achieved a Realm First this week, so we get the details on how that happened. Also, we settle the record straight once and for all– is it true that their “hardcore” raiding guild raids eight nights a week?

The topic of the week from last week gets many responses in our mailbag, and we tackle a new topic about Holidays. Some of the ideas are totally made up, but really funny. We sorta hope Blizzard is listening.

Episode 7 Taped December 23rd, 2010

Welcome, Gus
What’s going on in Azeroth this week?
Realm First!
Sunwell at Level 80 with a broken internet
Every day = new hotfixes. Bugs getting killed, etc.
Free starcraft 2 demo available
Non-crafters cannot roll on chaos orbs
Heroic bosses going down, Method, Paragon and Ensidia getting world firsts
Last weeks topic responses
Topic of the week: “New Holiday I would like to see in WoW” (Real or Fake)
Tweets / E-mails
Final thoughts / Bye!

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Episode Six : Shoutout to Buttonwillow McKittrick

The Cataclysm is settling in, but the hosts of Horde House just can’t agree on what the best parts are. We debate the cut scenes in Uldum, and if they are the best. thing. ever… or if it is just too much!

Our special guest RicePrincess (she’s back) has already leveled two characters to 85! Is there just not enough content, or does she need to go outside more? Xtofer’s guild cracked the whip right on into the first Cataclysm raids, so tune in to see what he thinks.

Meanwhile, Rob is kind of lazy and hasn’t even hit 85 on one character yet. But he has a really funny story about Buttonwillow to tell. Actually… it’s not that funny.

Oh well, e-mails, tweets and MORE round out another episode of The Best Little Horde House in Azeroth!

Episode 6 taped December 16th, 2010

Welcome back Irene
What’s going on in Azeroth this week?
Heroic modes already being attempted/downed by top end guilds
Ghostcrawler again tackles tanks and threat issues.
Archeology gives group-wide buffs for Cata instances
10 Day free Cataclysm trial for those that haven’t upgraded yet
Last weeks topic
Scarlet Gear
Guild Halls?
Topic of the week: “Burning Crusade & Wrath of the Lich King dungeon most in need of an 85 Heroic”
Tweets / E-mails
Healing Discussion
Buttonwillow Story
Final thoughts / Bye!

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