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No new Horde House week of January 27th

Due to some personal matters, there will be no new Horde House this week (the show that would normally appear on January 27th)

Sorry to our listeners, but you know what they say… RL > WoW . We will see you all back here next week!

Episode Eleven : The Musical Episode?

Tonight’s episode was taped LIVE in front of a chatroom full of people ready to give their input on the night’s topics as well as the Topic of the Week! Rob’s pal DarkSakura from OLR joins us. She’s just been getting back into Warcraft over the past month, and boy has she been leveling crazy. But does she know what a moon on the target means? Could this be a brick in the road for getting new people into Cataclysm?

We talk about our weeks in Azeroth which include discussion on Goblin vs. the Worgen areas, then tackle the news about some crazy dedicated WoW players and some just plain crazy justice point conversions.

A lengthy e-mail bag and tweet segment round out the night, but not before we have one final– albiet late surprise for the listeners (and mostly ourselves). Tune in to find out!

Episode 11 taped LIVE January 20th, 2011

Welcome to the LIVE show!
Welcome DarkSakura
Why do you play WoW?
What is different about WoW now than WoW before?
How was your week in Azeroth?
Xtofer with the News
First Sinestra Kill
Justice Point conversion
E-mails & Tweets – Several E-mails tonight
Topic of the Week – #1 thing a Noob should know about the WoW Endgame
Final Thoughts
ONE MORE THING… our Top 10 moments of HH… finally
Goodbye for real

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Episode Ten : I told you- I don’t want to get exalted with you

It’s our gala 10th episode spectacular, and who better to mark the occasion with than our good pal and #1 fan Flaco Jones!

The topic of Tol Barad just won’t die– and neither will Rob’s horrible pronunciation of the place. Blizzard defends some components of the place. Of course, they also defend heroics and then seem to nerf them just four hours later.

Speaking of Heroics, how are those heroic runs going? Which ones are the best? Xtofer and Rob are just full of ideas on tonight’s show, everything from a “like” button for players to new WoW achievements in the topic of the week

All this and MORE including your tweets and e-mails on our first double digit episode!

Episode 10 taped January 13th, 2011

Welcome back Jimmy
How was your week in Azeroth
Favorite Heroics
Xtofer with the news
Updated patch notes for 4.0.6 including Lots of heroic nerfs
Ghostcrawler’s post on heroic difficulty and the philosophy regarding future patches, raids.
The ongoing Tol Barad discussion and what Blizzard envisions are fixes to it.
Topic of the week: Achievement they left out of Cataclysm
Tweets n E-mails

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