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Episode Fifteen: Do you have any businesswoman specials?

Trolls are all the rage again! UMAD? UMAD? Oh no wait… not those trolls… it was announced that two popular troll raids are coming back as 5 man instances in the 4.1 patch. We talk about some of the changes this week in the news with our special guest Salacious Pop!

We grill Salacious Pop about some of the changes he has made in game recently, which include leaving Rob’s social guild for a hardcore raiding guild. We learn about one of the recent heroic raid fights that they have been working on, and it is reaffirmed that Rob is still beautiful.

Lots of e-mails this week on topics such as Guild Recruitment and our topic of the week turns us into salesmen for World of Warcraft… with mixed success.

All this and MORE on the not-so-srs WoW podcast, HORDE HOUSE!

Episode 15 taped February 24th, 2011

Welcome back!
Welcome Salacious Pop!
So you left your social guild for a raiding guild…
How have the two been different
Not wanting to play an alt but now playing alts for profession gain
How was your week in Azeroth?
Patch 4.1 PTR Bonanza
Topic of the week: Best selling point to get a non WoW-player interested in WoW
E-mails & Tweets
Final Thoughts, End of show, bye!

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Episode Fourteen: It’s like I’m walkin on sunshine!

This week we talk about addictions. Our guest Jon (well we give him a new name) has a pretty bad addiction to MICROTRANSACTIONS. How bad? Well… you might just be shocked. That won’t be half as shocking as some of the “rewards” he has recieved for playing as a female character. Look, all I’m sayin is that somewhere there is a night elf druid blushing big time at this episode.

It’s not all slut talk though, there is some SRS news this week regarding the vote to kick system, and some interesting changes coming to your latency meter.

The show concludes with a stitch and bitch healers circle, and of course… YOUR E-MAILS! Check out all this and MORE on the not so srs WoW podcast– HORDE HOUSE!

Episode 14 taped Feburary 17th, 2011

Welcome back!
Welcome Jon!
When did you start playing WoW (Anniversary coming up)
Microtransaction queen
Guild slut
Why do you play WoW
How was your week in Azeroth?
Upcoming healer changes
Vote to kick hotfixes coming soon
Latency changes explained by blizzard
Topic of the week: My biggest complaint as a healer
Tweets n E-mails
Final Thoughts, End of show, bye!

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Episode Thirteen: I take lots of 5K hits!

Sure there was a new patch this week and they are hotfixing it every day, but we take some time this week to talk about some ol’ school PVP– namely Warsong Gulch. Why is it so awesome? Why does Twin Peaks not compare? Okay, these things are opinions but join Rob & Xtofer with special guests RicePr… I MEAN Irene & Parm in talking about PVP Battlegrounds amongst the news this week.

Parm has a reputation for being a bit of a troll on his server, so we talk to him about his trolling ways. U MAD? Well– a lot of people sure seem to be mad about the loss of the Exalted title this week with the 4.0.6 patch, but not all the hosts agree if it was as terrible as people are making it sound.

All this and much more on another week of the BEST little HORDE HOUSE in Azeroth!

Episode 13 taped February 10th, 2011

Welcome back to the show!
Welcome back RicePrincess
Welcome Parm
Who are your characters
How did you join Rob’s guild
Why do you play WoW
How was your week in Azeroth
Patch 4.0.6 hotfixes being brought out through restarts including the haste bug fix
Worgen and Goblins should be able to queue for dungeons again (after a patch bug was let loose)
“Exalted” title taken away from many players because the achievement got updated with the latest patch.
Blizzard Entertainment turns 20!
Blizzcon 2011
Topic of the week – Best thing you can do to prepare yourself for WoW PVP
E-mails n’ Tweets
Final Thoughts / BYE

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