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Now with Forums!

Forums are up!

We now have official Horde House forums! There are forums to talk about the show, as well as general Warcraft chatter and a Forum for the <Best Lil Horde House> guild on Drenden.

Remember our golden rule: Don’t be a dick. Otherwise, have fun!

Episode Nineteen: We’re like Priest Triplets!

Between guild transfers and winged lions, it seems like Blizzard is willing to take more of your money no matter how you want to give it to them! Our topic of the week dives into the question of what do we NEVER want to see Blizzard do.

We welcome Michelle Madison from the Video Game Outsiders & Warcraft Outsiders podcasts to talk to us this week about the news, and share our stories from the week in Azeroth. Rob and Michelle will have to agree to disagree on some of their favorite battlegrounds in PvP, but we can all agree that this “Guild Challenges” thing has us a little curious about what exactly Blizzard has planned.

All this and MORE including your e-mails, new website feedback and tweets on the Warcraft show that’s seriously not that serious– HORDE HOUSE!

Welcome back to the show!
Welcome, Michelle!
What characters do you play?
Podcasting chatter
Why do you play Warcraft?
New site
How was your week in Azeroth?
Rated Battleground/Battleground tangent
Guild transfers coming
Fears are confirmed: Winged Lion Mount = new sparkle pony .
More information on “Guild Challenges”
Topic of the week – What is the WoW news story you hope you never have to “report” on?
E-mails n’ Tweets
Final Thoughts
End of Show!

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Karazhan: A Love Letter

Karazhan Blingee

If you’ve listened to the show for a significant length of time, it’s really no secret that I love me some Karazhan. What is it about this dungeon that makes me keep professing my love for it time and time again?

Perhaps it is the sentimental reasons– after all, since I personally didn’t start playing Warcraft heavily until the Burning Crusade expansion, Karazhan was the first “raid” I ever got to experience.

Could it be the ambiance, the mood of Karazhan? The medieval-like castle setting with a very fitting soundtrack? The fact that you could play chess in a very unique “boss” battle (hey it rewarded phat loot) which has yet to be recycled or repeated???

Actually I’m pretty sure it was the opera event and the hilarious Red Riding Hood fight that made me fall in love with the place.

Nevertheless, the rumor factory has been working overtime on rumors of Karazhan’s possible revival in a Cataclysm patch. After all, the other 10 man raid from the Burning Crusade expansion, Zul’Aman, was announced as getting a makeover in the upcoming 4.1 content patch. Some folks have spotted a place perfect for a new portal and flight point on the beta (which is odd, because apparently you can only fly to this point, but perhaps a breadcrumb quest could lead you there a la the new Thousand Needles starting quests?).

This week, we received an e-mail on the show from uberfan Flaco Jones that was only further tin foil for our speculation hats. As you may have heard, the 4.1 patch will be bringing us maps finally for the Burning Crusade Dungeons as well as some legacy raids such as the Sunwell. However what maps were missing from the data mining when Flaco e-mailed us? Yup, Karazhan. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at the situation) since the taping of our show last Thursday, the Karazhan maps have been data mined. All SEVENTEEN FLOORS OF IT.

Despite the map unveiling, it is still fun to fantasize (and fanboy a bit). Obviously one problem with turning Karazhan into a 5 man would be it’s size. Either they would have to get rid of some major trash, or they could cut the instance up into several 5 mans a la Dire Maul or Mauradon. Flaco went on to speculate/fanfic over what a possible Karazhan could look like, which we weren’t able to read in it’s entirety on the show. Click Read More to read it now and the rest of this article…
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