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Episode Twenty-Three: Patch 4.2– It’s flaming!

There will be no Bridezillas on this episode of Horde House! You’ll see what we mean by that later… the news is all about Patch 4.2, but that’s funny, didn’t 4.1 just hit, you know, the other day? Why so much fire everywhere? Oh well I guess it is the firelands.

Cultures collide like a hilarious episode of Perfect Strangers when Sil from the Girls Gone WoW podcast, a resident of the UK, joins us to dish on the things girls like to talk about, you know, like the size of dwarven boobies.

Yeah, between all that and your tweets, e-mails and so on, it’s just another week at the good ol’ HORDE HOUSE

Episode 23 Taped April 28th, 2011


Welcome back to the show!
Welcome to the show Sil
Tell us about your characters
Tell us about your Podcast
Why do you play WoW?
More plugs for, the guild, official guild night
How was your week in Azeroth?
4.2 updates and lots of it
New Raid Bosses
New AtlasLoot style interface
New Daily Quests
Topic of the week: What do you think of Warcraft Weddings?
E-mails and tweets
Final Thoughts

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Episode Twenty-Two : Rediscover the Fun!

After an unplanned week off last week, Horde House returns with a special JUMBO episode of the show! It’s super big because it’s like two shows in one!

Our main show starts off this week with the return of Grandpa Warcraft, reminiscing about the good ol’ days of Warcraft and whether Cataclysm lives up to those memories or not. Although there’s some negative feelings in the air, not all the news is bad, as some of us are finding the fun in the game’s slow points while we wait for patch 4.1

Grandpa and Xtofer may have found a reason to go to Blizzcon after all, and spend that $175 on the ticket. Also, we test out Guild Chat LIVE on the show– but find it’s more fun to test with actual guildies signed in and playing.

After show #1, we present the “missing” show from last week with special guest Essex. We talk to him about how he feels about raiding right now in game, and an article that he wrote for our website that had a lot of people talking.

All this and MORE including your e-mails on the largest episode of Horde House yet!

Episode 22 taped on April 21st, 2011 (and April 14th, 2011)

Hi again!
Welcome back to the show Grandpa!
* How’s Cataclsym on the scale of Wowxpansions?
* Negative but maybe not, still lots of fun to be had
How was your week in Azeroth?
* BlizzCon tickets priced at $175 (up from $150 last year). Seems to be going up $25 every year.
* Patch 4.1 looks to be readied for next Tuesday (slim possibility it’s not)
* Guild Chat feature for WoW mobile armory released in beta form. Not yet available for all realms. Not yet available for Android users (despite initially saying it would be).
Topic of the week: The Dream 4.1 Dev Patch Announcement That Would Be Awesome For Me But Troll The Hell Out Of Everyone Else
E-mails and tweets
Final Thoughts
Welcome back to the show Essex
* Why did you stop raiding
* Controversial article on
How was your week in Azeroth?
Wrap-up and goodnight

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Episode 22 Delayed

Unfortunately, Rob’s cable went out about 40 minutes into the taping of Episode 22. We were not quite into the news yet after a lengthy discussion on the “How to Closet your Dragon” post and the status of raiding in WoW right now.

We’re going to tape the back half with your tweets and e-mails at a to be determined time over the weekend. This will delay Episode 22 from hitting the feed in time for the Friday work crowd. Sorry about that… someone tell Gus to get out here and FIX MAH DAMN INTERNET!