Episode Twenty-Three: Patch 4.2– It’s flaming!

There will be no Bridezillas on this episode of Horde House! You’ll see what we mean by that later… the news is all about Patch 4.2, but that’s funny, didn’t 4.1 just hit, you know, the other day? Why so much fire everywhere? Oh well I guess it is the firelands.

Cultures collide like a hilarious episode of Perfect Strangers when Sil from the Girls Gone WoW podcast, a resident of the UK, joins us to dish on the things girls like to talk about, you know, like the size of dwarven boobies.

Yeah, between all that and your tweets, e-mails and so on, it’s just another week at the good ol’ HORDE HOUSE

Episode 23 Taped April 28th, 2011


Welcome back to the show!
Welcome to the show Sil
Tell us about your characters
Tell us about your Podcast
Why do you play WoW?
More plugs for hordehouse.com, the guild, official guild night
How was your week in Azeroth?
4.2 updates and lots of it
New Raid Bosses
New AtlasLoot style interface
New Daily Quests
Topic of the week: What do you think of Warcraft Weddings?
E-mails and tweets
Final Thoughts

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