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Episode Twenty-Seven: This episode is not about Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole, or Paula Abdul.

But it’s totally about GIRLS ALOUD!! *ahem* I mean, it’s about our special guest XLINK, who plays an alliance rogue who loves getting achievements! How many achievement points? OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!11one

There’s a lengthy discussion tonight on Rob’s experiences with RIFT, both the good and the bad, but most importantly how this can impact WoW in a positive way. Don’t worry, we aren’t suddenly going to be the Best Lil’ Defiant House. Even though Archons are pretty cool.

Back to WoW, we talk about some of the upcoming nerfs to raiding in the next patch and why most of us agree it’s a GOOD THING. Also, is the keyring removal a good thing? Is anything informative learned in the latest Ask the Dev chat? (Hint: No). Is the new customer service tracking feature on the website kind of awesome? Will Xtofer go out on a hot date tonight? Will Doris do WHAT?

All this and MORE including your e-mails, tweets, and all the zany antics that make this the Warcraft podcast that is clearly never too serious– HORDE HOUSE!

Episode 27, taped May 26th, 2011

Welcome back!
* Not Lady Gaga Talk
Welcome Xlink!
* Why do you play World of Warcraft?
* A lot of people in the past couple weeks said Rogue is the one class they can’t play but you seem to really love it… why? What are these people maybe missing?
* Achievements– why do you love to collect them
* How has Cataclysm been treating you?
How was your week in Azeroth?
* RIFT Tangent… but not too much
* Tier 11 nerfed to the ground to make way for tier 12 with 4.2.
* Keyring removal
* New Ask the Devs sheds light on nothing.
* Blizzard Support Site
* Xtofer has a date tonight!
Topic of the week: What feature would you like to see added to Blizzard’s official website?
Tweets and E-mails (hardly any of either)
* Accents and Region talk
End of show, BYE!

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Episode Twenty-Six: Pity Raid

Don’t worry, we won’t charge a premium fee to listen to this episode of Horde House, even though it’s pretty good. DarkSakura, Rob’s pal from Orange Lounge Radio is back to tell us how her WoW experience has changed since she first started playing mere months ago. We try to explain to her how to tank, which is sure interesting coming from a pair of healers.

We get into the news of the week which is really all about the new RealID Dungeons that will only be open to “Premium” Subscribers. Wait, what kind of subscriber does that make us now? Of course we take this news and turn it into ideas about cross-faction runs and how they could fit into lore, third factions being added into the game, and all sorts of fan wank!

All this and MORE including the topic of the week, your e-mails and tweets on another episode of HORDE HOUSE

Episode 26 taped May 19th, 2011

Hello, Welcome Back
Hi Again, DarkSakura
-How are you feeling about WoW 3 months later?
-More characters/alts/experiences?
Join our Guild, Show Forums
How was your week in Azeroth
– Real ID Dungeons– For a fee
– Little 4.2 updates
Topic of the week: What other “enhancement” would you like to see made to the game with the Real ID integration?
Tweets and E-mails

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Episode Twenty-Five: Stealth Circus

In another Xtofer with the news segment this week, Xtofer reports that not much is going on outside of patch notes. Well what about all those people, you know, QUITTING WOW. Is this the beginning of the end? Or do we think it’s just a bunch of people crying that the sky is falling too soon?

Miklotov is back with us this week to talk about his alts… excuse me… companions… and why you won’t catch him playing a druid anytime soon.

All this and a topic of the week that Miklotov says is the worst one yet! How offensive! Your tweets, e-mails and more round out another week of that WoW podcast that’s never TOO serious– HORDE HOUSE!

Episode 25 taped May 12th, 2011

Welcome back!
Hi again Miklotov
– How are your alts going
– How is Drenden going (more drenden plugs)
How was your week in Azeroth?
-New daily quests in 4.2 will have raiding-style encounters/mechanics
-WoW Remote ends its “free preview” of the new remote guild chat feature
-Hotfixes/patches class changes (maybe)
-600,000 people leave
Topic of the Week: What feature would you like to see added to mobile phones next?
Tweets n’ E-mails
End of Show!

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