Episode Twenty-Eight: We can’t all be winners like YOU!

Better late than never, right? Amongst the E3 chaos of the upcoming week, Rob and Xtofer team up with Salacious Pop to bring you a special Sunday edition of Horde House. This week, we talk a bit about the playstyle of Mains vs. Altoholism. We make fun of hunters a little bit, and then jump into the news.
The news this week tackles the controversial new download pet, and a strange emote. Also, an awesome new upgrade for the client MIGHT be in store– if the data miners are to be believed.
It is E3 week which is big news for the console games… not so much Blizzard, but that doesn’t stop our topic of the week from being E3 centric. All this and your tweets, e-mails and MORE make up another week of the never too srs WoW podcast– HORDE HOUSE!

Episode 28- Taped June 5th, 2011

Welcome, Salacious Pop!
* What is WoW to you?
* Mains vs. Alts
How was your week in Azeroth?
Drenden, Website, etc
* The Winged Guardian hippy lion mount has finally been released
* “Diablo-themed” murloc pet
* New “/roar” sounds for all playable races coming in Patch 4.2
* New 64 bit client for WoW?
Topic of the week: Blizzard skips E3, but if they were to announce something, what do you think they would announce?
Tweets and e-mails
End of show!

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