Episode Thirty: Screenshot button is your friend!

We are just tapping our fingers on the desk in eager anticipation of patch 4.2, but it looks like we’ll be waiting until at least Tuesday. Oh well, at least Xtofer has a shiny new playstation 3 to hold him over. MORTAL KOMBAT! *ahem*

Sil, our friend from Not^London is back this week to talk to us about her adventures of being a reformed altaholic and having leveled not one but two characters thru the cut scenes of Uldum all the way to level 85! There’s some other adventures Sil is here to talk about as well, but they are not fit to print.

Xtofer rounds up the news which includes the Dungeon Journal and Hallow’s End changes, and we dive into the topic of the week which is all about patch four point THREEEEEE. Getting ahead of ourselves? Ehh, maybe, but that’s just another week on the podcast about all things Warcraft but never too srsly– HORDE HOUSE!

Episode 30 taped June 25th, 2011

Hello & How are youWelcome back Sil!
* Do you still suffer from rampant altaholisim or have you been focusing on one char lately
* What else is new since our last chat?
* So as a RPer, how offended were you at all the ERP discussion last week?
How was your week in Azeroth?
* Dungeon Journal Preview
* Instance servers went kaput
* Possible Hallow’s End changes
* Konami is going to be distributing World of Warcraft TCG in Japan.
TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Enough with 4.2 news already! What should be announced first with 4.3
Tweets n’ E-mails
End of show, toodles!

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