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Episode Thirty-Four: Detour on the way to Weekly Disappointment

Another week of firelands chat this week as Farore joins us to tell us about how her guild took down Ragnaros, and how much they do (or don’t) miss Xtofer. You better listen up or she will take away your DKP like *that*

Rob talks about four more boss kills in Tier 11 and his favorite boss so far, and we cover news about Diablo 3 beta testing, and the new Blizzcon community site.

The topic of the week dives in to what makes a great group leader… be sure to let us know what you think via twitter and e-mails. All this and much more craziness on the show about all things Warcraft but NEVER too srsly: HORDE HOUSE

Episode 34 taped July 28th, 2011

Welcome Back to the show!
Hello again, Farore!
* Reaction to Xtofer’s news of leaving
* How has raiding been treating your guild?
Contest re-iteration
How was your week in Azeroth?
* Diablo 3 beta starting soon
* New community site for Blizzcon
* Heroic Ragnaros down and videos up by top guild in the world
Topic of the week: What is the most important quality in a group leader?
E-mails? and tweets
End of show- BYE!

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Episode Thirty-Three: The Chipotle Episode

We are back after a small break and have a ~shocking~ announcement from Xtofer. Although maybe it’s not that shocking. Actually it’s probably not half as shocking as some of the things that come out of his mouth, but ahh well.

We have a lot of WoW events to catch up on including further reflections of the 4.2 patch and raiding, as well as the PvP craziness that happened when the patch hit. Xtofer brings news about localization for Brazil and a new app for the Android. We get into a super srs argument over the topic of the week, and cap off the show with some marathon e-mails!

All this on the show about all things Warcraft but NEVER too srsly– Horde House!

Episode 33 taped July 22nd, 2011

Hi we are back did you miss us?
Welcome Back Again, Salacious Pop!
* How is firelands raiding treating you
* Dailies, vendors, etc
So Xtofer has an announcement…
* What it means for the show
How was your week in Azeroth?
Can we talk about the PVP crap that happened while we were off?
* World of Warcraft Armory now available for Android
* World of Warcraft localization for Brazil
* Could previously leaked list then be true?
* WoW Facebook Application is closing
Topic of the week: Is it easier to raid with friends or with strangers?
E-mails and tweets
End of show- Bye!

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Episode Thirty-Two: This episode needs medication

Someone get these people a Xanax, stat. Something is off in the air tonight at Horde House, and it seems like Rob may have had a bad PUGging experience that set the tone for the day. We welcome back Miklotov to the show, who is probably a perfect guest to have to taunt Rob with Xtofer over his INTERNET DRAMAZ

We talk about a change of heart for the druid class (somewhat) and an extreme lack of news, that spawns a whole discussion on Blizzard removing cloth spirit gear from the firelands. Of course we can’t all agree on whether this was a good thing or not.

An emo topic of the week, tweets and a lovely e-mail cap off another episode of the place that talks about ALL things WoW but NEVER too seriously- Horde House! Oh and don’t trust Stormcall from the Natural Fury guild on Turalyon.

Episode 32 Taped July 7th, 2011

Hello & How are you
Welcome back Miklotov!
* Is it druids or is it you?
How was your week in Azeroth?
* Hyjal Questing
* Low Level Questing in Plaguelands
* Cloth gear in Firelands
Rumors and bullshit on the next expansion
Guild faction changes just to score a world first
TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Has an event in game ever messed with your emotions IRL? Be honest!
Tweets n’ E-mail
End of show!

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