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Episode Forty-Eight: Azerothian Bird Feeder

Our friends XLINK and Shane are back to talk to use about what they’ve been up to in the game. For XLINK, there’s been a lot of Darkmoon Faire time on his quest for more ACHIEVEMENT POINTS. How does our cast feel about the Darkmoon Faire. And what is that cave for, anyway?

Shane talks to us about his class of the moment, the mage. It’s what Rob’s been playing a lot of too, and one tweeter wonders if Mages are just too easy!

We talk a bit about our experiences in Looking for Raid, and how some people are getting away with some unkind things. Is it time for Blizzard to make changes? Well changes will come all in good time. Heck, look at Battletags– a system 18 months in the making!

Talk on all this and MORE including, yes, Disneyland. No, really, it’s topical this time. Your tweets, e-mails and more round up another episode of the podcast about all things Warcraft but never too SRSLY– HORDE HOUSE!

Hi, Hello, How are you
Welcome back Ryan
– Let’s get an Achievement Whoring Update
– Darkmoon Fair impressions?
Welcome back Shane
– So now you are all about the Mage?
– LFR Experiences / Things that irritate you
How was your week in Azeroth
– BattleTags
– Blizzard Balance
– LFR Locks a lot of items to certain classes
– Blizzard World of Color
TOPIC OF THE WEEK: What should Xtofer’s Battletag be? Also, how will you choose your Battletag
Tweets n E-mails

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Episode Forty-Seven: If you have a chance to pop it, pop it!

After some odd missing episodes, we are BACK in full Horde House glory to talk about the latest patch, 4.3! 4.3 has hit the live servers and it’s all anyone can talk about. What are we enjoying about the patch? What are YOU enjoying about that patch?

Our old pal Miklotov joins us tonight to talk to us about baked potatoes, and our ol’ pal Sil from Girls Gone WoW joins us to tell us about how he is doing it all wrong.

Darkmoon Faire, Looking for Raid, End Time, Jaina is hella stupid, E-mails, tweets, it’s all here on another week of that thing about ALL things Warcraft but NEVER too seriously– Horde House!

Episode 47 taped December 4th, 2011

Welcome back Sil & Miklotov
* How did you close out patch 4.2 (Focuses)
How was your week in Azeroth
* Paragon gets a spanking for exploiting LFR
* 4.3 stuff and things
Topic of the week: What is your favorite thing about 4.3? What do you enjoy on a baked potato?
Tweets and E-mails
Bye bye!

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Where in the hell did the shows go?

Due to some outages at the website that was hosting our mp3s ( , our sister show), episodes of Horde House have been unavailable for a few days.

Thanks to the generosity of a fellow podcaster, Brad from Podculture ( , we have a new place to put episodes of Horde House. We will be updating the feed in the coming days to have a new episode as well as last weeks episode point to the new location. Older episodes of the show will be slowly updated as well.

Thank you guys so much for your patience. Sorry this happened but hey, things happen. Thanks for stickin it out with us.