Episode Fifty-Three: Destroyer of Dreams

If we can get Shane to stop talking about Mass Effect for long enough, we’ll be able to cover a CRAZY week in WoW news. Our four hosts are pretty divided on this new Scroll of Resurrection… Xtofer considers if he might use it to return to the game once again.

The series of Cataclysm Post-Mortems has ended, but do we think Blizzard has REALLY learned anything, or do we think this is up there with “Smaller, More Frequent Patches”. We say our piece but what say YOU guys on facebook, twitter and e-mail? Tune in to find out all this and MORE on another episode of the show of all things Warcraft but NEVER too Srsly– HORDE HOUSE!

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One response to “Episode Fifty-Three: Destroyer of Dreams

  1. i guess i just don’t get the point of the base resiliency if there gonna give people another stat that negates that damage reduction, i also may not understand all the changes pvp wise something i’ll be testing in the beta for sure.

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