Episode Sixty-Two: I’ve seen your Peanuts

We are back with another episode of our show– but where did all the rest of you go? Oh yes, playing Diablo 3. We talk a bit tonight about how some things feel emptier since the Diablo 3 launch… but is it really as much of an “exodus” as it seems?

In the news tonight we talk about Panda Male Voices on a special Horde House rating meter, and some of the new features spotted in the beta such as holiday items. Do these items perhaps give us a hint at the release date?

We talk a bit about the Diablo 3 launch and what it could mean for Blizzard and PC Gaming’s future. Is it all doom and gloom? Or will the internet forget about it as they often do? All this and MORE including your tweets, your e-mails and yes– Xtofers pants on the show where we talk about ALL things WARCRAFT but NEVER too SRSLY– HORDE HOUSE!

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