Episode Sixty-Three: You sell the cats, I’ll sell the dog!

There’s a report that says there’s only 25% of the activity in World of Warcraft since Diablo 3 launched, but we are still here to bring you 100% of our show! Okay, maybe 75% since Grandpa has the night off. STILL, we talk about some of the latest news from the beta including UI updates and a new core abilities tab.

We go to the listeners to find out how the dip in WoW activity has effected them. Would a new raid have helped the problem? Our hosts have some different ideas on what should have been done here.

All this and MORE, including your tweets and a final Xtofer segment that has to be heard to be believed, on the show about ALL things Warcraft but NEVER too SRSLY– HORDE HOUSE!

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