Episode Seventy-Two: Falafel

World of Warcraft is finally the price that one of our hosts has been saying it should be for a long time… too bad the sale only lasts a week! Oh well, we have other things to look forward to with the 5.0.4 patch on the horizon, such as Valor Point changes and the ability to roll whatever race you want with any expansions (or lack thereof).

We take a tangent to talk about Diablo 3, which has some of us wondering if WoW would ever get a similar endgame someday. Also, our Facebook Question of the week has us in a mood to destroy something…

All four of our regular hosts assemble this week to cover all this and MORE including tweets, e-mails and a story from inside Xtofer’s pants. It’s all on the show about ALL things WORLD OF WARCRAFT but NEVER too SRSLY– HORDE HOUSE!

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