Episode Seventy-Eight: It’s like “The Happening”, but not as funny

Our hosts are just exhausted tonight– it must be from all that gearing up now that we’ve hit level 90. We spend some time talking about the feedback we’ve seen around the internet on LFR. Is the bar too high to get in the door, or do people just need to slow down a little bit? Our Facebook question of the week ties into a similar issue when we discuss if Blizzard has caved to fan demands TOO much… or not.

In the news this week, 5.1 is announced for the PTR much earlier than expected. Could this mean great things for the future? Not so great for the present was a recent exploit that caused players and NPCs to be insta killed. Although we’ve probably all heard about it by now, we dive into the question of WHY was this such a big deal for the mass media?

All this and more including Twitter Topics, E-mails and MORE on the show about ALL things World of Warcraft but NEVER too SRSLY– Horde House!

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