Episode Eighty-Four: The Church of Scenaterday Saints

Patch 5.1 just hit the day of our recording, and we catch up on some of the final news of the patch with our special guest, superfan Flaco Jones! Also, Pandaria has gone on sale for the Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping mania, but one twitter question asks us if this is really a fair deal for vets of the game…

In the Facebook question of the week, we call out servers we’ve had too many bad experiences with. Grandpa calls out some old dungeons he’s had bad experiences with… but it’s not all bad news people! We have some new twitter folks and fan e-mail to get thru before the show is done.

All this and MORE on another episode of the show about ALL things World of Warcraft but NEVER too SRSLY– HORDE HOUSE!

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