Episode Eighty-Eight: Bob Ross Icon Descriptions

HordeHouse88We were supposed to take the week off, but with all the 5.2 news that came out just before Christmas, we couldn’t help but do a LIVE show. So we taped this weeks show LIVE at vognetwork.com to talk about all the latest on what is known about 5.2.

That doesn’t stop us from talking about some of the other goings on in the game right now including hunter pets and pet battle updates. Also, a tweet sent to us reminds us that it is the last show of the year, so we reflect on 2012 in WoW, and look forward to 2013.

A lengthy discussion ensues when one e-mailer sends us his video of the raid that just made him call it quits. After eight years of the World of Warcraft, have we finally found ourselves fed up with a certain type of “drill sergeant attitude in the game?

All this and MORE including our weeks in Azeroth, more tweets, e-mails and live chat comments on the show about ALL things World of Warcraft but NEVER too SRSLY– HORDE HOUSE!

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