Episode Ninety: Christmas Warlocks

HordeHouse90And just like that, a feature from 5.1 may be disappearing in 5.2. We are joined by Sunshine aka Jon from the GameBuoy Podcast to talk about the removal of the upgrade vendors in 5.2. Is Blizzard doing the right thing? Or are they overreacting to gear balance concerns? We debate the issue on the show.

Also on this weeks episode, we talk about the old topic of the WoW theme park in China and why it’s circulating the blogs again this week. Rare mobs in 5.2 and green fire quest details round out the weeks news.

All this and MORE including the Facebook question of the week, tweets and e-mails on the show about ALL things World of Warcraft but NEVER too SRSLY– HORDE HOUSE!

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