Howdy ya’ll and welcome to The Best Little Horde House in Azeroth. Internet radio & podcasting veterans Rob Roberts and Xtofer bring you a weekly dose of Azeroth news and updates from an honest yet sometimes sassy perspective. Join us for our antics each week as we invite special guests to pull up a chair with us and poke a little fun at one of our past times.

The Best Little Horde House in Azeroth was started in November 2010 by podcasting veterans Rob Roberts and Xtofer. The pair hosted a show together on the Orange Lounge Radio network on Live365 back in 2005 called Guys on a Show. The Best Little Horde House is the duo’s latest project dedicated to a game that they both spend way more time playing than they would like to admit.

Rob RobertsROB ROBERTS is an internet broadcasting veteran with over 13 years of broadcasting experience online. His first shows were a weekly Sunday show and a morning show at KCSC- California State University, Chico. After college, Rob was a part of the show Under Sedation Live during it’s run as the #1 reality station on the Live365 network. In 2002, Rob co-founded the popular live weekly video game talk show Orange Lounge Radio with co-hosts Jamie Summers and Loki. Orange Lounge Radio is available as a podcast, which was the winner of the inaugural award for Best Video Game Podcast at the Podcast Awards, and has been a multi-time nominee for the Best of Live365 awards. By day, Rob is a corporate trainer, and for many years on weekend nights, he emceed midnight screenings of cult movies at theaters all over northern California. He started playing WoW regularly during Burning Crusade, and his main is currently an 85 dwarf holy pally.

XtoferXTOFER was formerly the host of Xtofer’s Case of the Mondays and co-host of Guys on a Show on the Orange Lounge Radio network. After a brief vacation from broadcasting, Horde House marks Xtofer’s return to the airwaves. During his break from broadcasting, Xtofer lost over 90 pounds on a diet known as “eating well and getting more exercise.” Despite recurring gags on the show, Xtofer really does enjoy singing, and is also a fan of Whedonverse creations, namely Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. He started playing WoW during vanilla WoW, and his main currently is an 85 tauren resto druid.

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