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An Important Message from your pals at Horde House

To our many dozens of fans,

A difficult decision has been made to place the Horde House project on hiatus for an as yet undetermined amount of time.

No, no one quit, was fired, or went to rehab. This situation which “is merely a setback” is due to the world boss of real life. We’ll be using this time to recharge, regroup, level up, and come back as a new and improved party.

Thank you so much to those of you that have joined us each week, especially those of you that show up to comment live. Your support means the world to us, and we are sorry to be leaving you with a void. In our absence, please consider filling your time with another independently produced podcast from hardcore gaming fans like you and us. Obviously we are a little partial to Girls Gone WoW , but should you need a little more, Realm Maintenance provides a great resource of similar MMO-based shows at the following link: . Save a spot on the calendar for us though. Just like “Guys on a Show” left once, we WILL return again.

You can continue to follow our other projects and what we are up to:

Rob on twitter @skie or on Orange Lounge Radio

Grandpa on twitter @phidelt61 or on Starboard Power Coupling

Xtofer on twitter @XtoferC or on his Twitch channel

@hordehouse will be updated as well with any important updates.

Thank you so much to Brad for his webhosting support. Although not an MMO show, please support his show Podculture and of course our friends at VOGNetwork

Now, for the time being, please zip up your pants.

Rob, Xtofer & Grandpa

Episode 192: Shenmue 2600

We take a look back at E3 on this show broadcast live on June 17th, 2015. The Final Fantasy 7 remake sure grabbed people’s attention, but what grabbed the attention of us in studio?

One big online game maker we talk a lot about had a lot to say at the PC press conference, which sure was an interesting press event. We recap the highs and the lows with special guest Allen in studio.

All this and MORE on the show about ALL things online gaming but NEVER too SRSLY- HORDE HOUSE!

Episode 191: Adorey Fedory

Heroes with the Storm is a go! Our friend Aramis joins us tonight to talk about the launch of Heroes of the Storm, including tips for new players, and some thoughts from being at the Heroes of the Dorm event live!

We also talk with our guest about a recent post from Blizzard going back a bit on the original decision on flying in Draenor. Will the fans find the “compromise” to be satisfying? Final Fantasy XIV and Elder Scrolls Online round out our week in the news.

All this and MORE on the show about ALL things online gaming but NEVER too SRSLY- HORDE HOUSE!

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