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3 responses to “Contact

  1. hey guys, i love the show !! i saw on the twitter feed that you guys did not have many emails last week . here is a topic . i am a relatively new player to WoW, (two months), and i am really surprised at the amount of dicks in the game !!
    I know rob had bad PUG experience last week and i totally agree ! since i have got on , i just encounter jerk after jerk in pugs . no one wants to help !
    what is it with people being so down on people just starting to play ?
    it’s not as if we all popped out our moms at level 85 is it ? god damn!

  2. Just wanted too say, your one of the few podcasts where iv’e actually fallen out of my chair in a fit of laughter. THANK YOU! Keep up the great work you guy make my week :)

  3. Hi Rob,
    The guild master was free to take over on Proudmore server. I was affraid someone with bad intention would take it and do mess with the guild. So i took it over and gave it to one of your alts. I gave it to « Chakwas ». So you are the new Guild master. 😀

    If you dont remember me… i was one of the devoted guildies on the Drenden server. I had 7 alts there. I took over the guild on Drenden Because it was free to take, and i didn’t want it to fall in bad hand. No one was playing there. It is still a ghost guild on Drenden. All my 7 alts have spider web on them. :)

    I hope i did the right thing by switching the guild master to you.

    (Quebec, canada (I am the french girl who is eating the « Poutine »)

    Have fun 😀

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