<Best Lil Horde House>

The <Best Lil Horde House> is the official guild of the Horde House podcast. The hosts of the show as well as many past guests from the show play together on this server, having a good time playing together and enjoying LOLZ in guild chat.

We are a new guild as of March 2011, so there is not a lot of formalities going on with our guild yet, but we do have one central rule:


If this sounds like a guild you’d be interested in joining, please send Babsjohnson, Deathears or Xtofer a tell. At some point in the future, we will have people fill out a form or send our guild an e-mail, but for now while our group is still small, all you need to do is send one of us a tell and let us know you are a listener of the show and that you will not be a dick.

Armory Link

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